Safeway Scaffolding Limited – Local Supplier of Bespoke Scaffolding in Leicester

As local Midlands scaffolding erectors, bespoke and unique scaffolding design is one area we excel and specialise in as a company in Leicester and across the Midlands. The need for our bespoke scaffolding and our scaffolding erectors is growing all the time and because our scaffolding company specialises in this field of scaffolding erection, we can cater for any kind of project.

Our bespoke scaffold is used for a variety of reasons on a variety of different projects. From renovation on historic buildings to commercial scaffolding for brand new builds in and around the Leicester area.

Scaffolding Erectors & Bespoke Scaffolding In Leicester

Our track record compared to other scaffolding companies for scaffolding contracts is second to none in Leicester, and we can not be beaten on our standards or health and safety.

Our scaffolding erectors are considered as some of, if not the best, in the business. This is something we pride ourselves on as well as the way our employees perform and behave on site. We strive to be the best at what we do and with how our business has and is expanding in this area of scaffolding is testament to the way we work and approach every project compared to the other local scaffolding companies.

The Challenge Of Bespoke Scaffolding

We never look to turn any job down and enjoy the challenge of creating unusual scaffolding for any kind of project. Whether it be unique scaffolding towers, access scaffolding or even complete bespoke scaffolding for a new up and coming build. You won’t find any better scaffolding contractors that serve customers across Leicester than Safeway Scaffolding Limited.

Get in touch even if you’re in doubt. We are sure that our scaffolding designers and company reputation will suit the needs and requirements of any project you have, whether it be standard, access scaffolding or complete bespoke scaffolding.

Visit our portfolio page to see great examples of our scaffolders work. 

Other Services: Domestic Scaffolding and Commercial Scaffolding

As well as our bespoke scaffolding services, we also offer commercial and domestic scaffolding services to the whole of the UK. If you’re based in Leicester or something else in the UK, and are interested in any of our scaffolding services, get in touch with Safeway Scaffolding Limited today. Contact us today on 01675 465593 or leave us a message via our online contact form.