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Professional Industrial Scaffolding by Safeway Scaffolding

At Safeway Scaffolding, we understand the critical role that reliable and safe scaffolding has in ensuring success of industrial projects. With over two decades of service in the Midlands, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Coventry, and Nottingham, we have established ourselves as the leading provider of industrial scaffolding. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our passion for what we do, has allowed us to provide scaffolding for a diverse range of projects, ensuring safety, efficiency, and the highest standards of quality.

Whether you are preparing to work on an expansive industrial build or a large-scale engineering project, our team at Safeway Scaffolding have the expertise, experience and specialised equipment for industrial scaffolding demands. The team here understands the unique challenges and requirements of industrial environments. We pride ourselves on our rigorous attention to detail, from the thorough initial site assessment through to the efficient and secure dismantling process, ensuring a smooth, safe, and highly professional scaffolding service.

Choose Safeway Scaffolding for a partnership that guarantees professionalism, reliability, and unparalleled scaffolding services tailored to the unique demands of your industrial projects. Let us support your next project with our comprehensive scaffolding solutions, designed to elevate your operations to new heights of safety and efficiency.

About Safeway Scaffolding

Founded in 1996, Safeway Scaffolding Limited has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the leading scaffolding companies in the Midlands. Our company started with a small team dedicated to delivering exceptional scaffolding services with a passion for excellence and a commitment to quality. Today, we are proud to serve the entire Midlands area, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Coventry, and Nottingham, with our comprehensive scaffolding services which includes industrial scaffolding. Our growth is a testament to our ability to handle projects of any scale and complexity, earning us a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and unparalleled expertise in the scaffolding industry.

Our Industrial Scaffolding Services

Our industrial scaffolding services include a full range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. From the initial site risk assessment to the diligent planning and erection of scaffolding, we ensure every aspect of the project is managed with expert precision and care. Our process includes:

Site Risk Assessment: A thorough evaluation of the site to identify potential hazards and devise a comprehensive safety plan.
Scaffolding Design and Erection: Custom scaffolding solutions designed to support your specific industrial project requirements, efficiently and safely erected by our skilled team.
Dismantling and Removal: Once your project is complete, we provide a prompt and orderly dismantling service, ensuring the site is left clean and safe.

If you are looking for industrial scaffolding services in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Coventry, and Nottingham or elsewhere in the Midlands, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Health and Safety in Industrial Scaffolding

At Safeway Scaffolding Limited, health and safety is at the core of everything we do, essential to our success and integral to our operations. We go beyond industry standards by enforcing rigorous training and inspection protocols. Our employees undergo comprehensive health and safety training, including in-house and external programs on key areas like CISRS scaffolder training, working at height, asbestos awareness, and updates on legislation or best practices (e.g., SG4:22 and TG20:21).

We also conduct thorough inspections and auditing of our operations, utilising our team of fully qualified CISRS operatives. These specialists are crucial in our field operations, including the erection, adaptation, and dismantling of scaffolds, ensuring every project upholds our safety expectations.

Through our extensive health and safety procedures, we have successfully supplied industrial scaffolding for projects in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Coventry, and Nottingham, ensuring each site meets our rigorous safety standards.

Why Choose Safeway Scaffolding for Industrial Scaffolding?

Choosing Safeway Scaffolding means you’re selecting a leader in the scaffolding industry. Here’s why we’re the popular choice for industrial scaffolding in Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry, and Nottingham the Midlands:

NASC Membership: As members of the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation, we adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety.
Decades of Experience: Our extensive experience and expertise allow us to handle even the most complex and challenging industrial scaffolding projects.
CISRS Trained Staff: Our team consists of professionals who are fully trained and certified, ensuring the highest levels of service and safety.
Specialisation in Bespoke Scaffolding: We excel in designing and implementing custom scaffolding solutions tailored to the unique needs of your industrial project.
Commitment to Excellence: Our dedication to delivering top-quality service and our ability to meet tight deadlines without compromising on safety or quality set us apart.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your scaffolding needs in Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry, and Nottingham and across the Midlands.

Contact Safeway Scaffolding for Industrial Scaffolding Services

If your industrial project requires expert scaffolding solutions in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Coventry, and Nottingham or anywhere across the Midlands, Safeway Scaffolding are here to help. With our extensive experience, commitment to excellence, and a track record of delivering on industrial projects, we are perfectly placed to help you with your industrial scaffolding needs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our industrial scaffolding services to the unique demands of your project. Give our team a call on 01675 465 593 or fill out our online enquiry form.

Areas we cover

Safeway Scaffolding covers the following areas in the West Midlands:

  • Birmingham
  • Solihull
  • Coventry

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