Skyline Scaffolding: Building For The World’s Tallest Buildings

Humans have always had a desire to build big and reach for the stars. The sudden obsession with height began in 1884 when the Home Insurance Building in Chicago pierced the skyline and paved the way for the future of construction. Ever since then, construction companies all around the world have found ways to build bigger and to build smarter, with the title of ‘World’s Tallest Building’ becoming the ultimate goal.

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3 Golden Rules For Working at Height

Scaffolding is unlike any other 9 to 5 job. It is an area of work that is subject to the weather, tricky environments and, most notably, the factor of working at height. Because of these extraordinary conditions, scaffolding is an industry that requires immense skill and an extensive level of training. Due to the specialist nature of this line of work, scaffolders must adhere to strict health and safety protocols, and with that in mind, Safeway Scaffolding asks the question, “what are the most important factors in ensuring every scaffolding site is a safe one”?

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