Why Bespoke Scaffolding Is So Important

A photo of scaffolding allowing access into a tank

We offer bespoke scaffolding as one of our core services here at Safeway Scaffolding Limited, but why? In our latest blog post, we explain why bespoke scaffolding is so important, and why it’s necessary.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Scaffolding is tailored. It has to be. Every project is unique and, therefore, requires a unique scaffold to be assembled alongside it. Rather than trying to apply a formulaic approach to different scaffolding projects, a more tailored, considered assembly is often required. 

Sure, you can use standard scaffolds for a number of residential and commercial properties, but often the shape, size, and circumstances of scaffolding projects mean that you need to adapt. Doing so can often be difficult, too. In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed the challenges of bespoke scaffolding, which really helps to underline just how different every project is. 

What Can Go Wrong

Having established that different projects require different scaffolds, it’s also important to point out what can go wrong if bespoke scaffolding isn’t used. It’s pretty obvious, but using a scaffold that isn’t right for any given structure or property will compromise its structural integrity. Doing so causes serious health and safety risks to anyone working on the site, but also threatens to damage the building itself immeasurably.

Our Bespoke Solutions

We pride ourselves on our bespoke scaffolding solutions here at Safeway Scaffolding Limited. We’re adept at tailoring our work to suit the unique requirements of all our customers, while our experience over many years on a great number of projects means we’re perfectly placed to deliver what’s needed. 

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