How To Become A Scaffolder

Whether it is for access towers or concert stages, there will always be a demand for scaffolders. These skilled workers carry out a variety of jobs at height come rain, wind or shine. Although it may not be the most glamorous of jobs, this career offers a clear path of progression, as well as a vocational trade that will set you up for life.

But before you sign yourself up for a life as a scaffolder, you need to know what the job entails. As we’ve just discussed, a job on a scaffolding site is synonymous with heights. For the main part, you will be working on buildings of all shapes and sizes, and although you are secured with a harness, if heights aren’t your thing then it may be wise to pursue a career on the ground.

The job itself consists of a lot of heavy lifting and there are a number of health and safety aspects to contend with. While on site, you will always be required to wear a safety helmet, safety boots and, of course, your harness.

Trainee and Apprenticeship Scaffolder Positions

If you are fresh out of school and have decided that you wish to pursue a career as a scaffolder, then apprenticeships and trainee schemes offer a direct route into the industry. These entry level positions allow you to learn the trade under the supervision of an experienced scaffolder and is a more practical way of learning.

You will need to complete the mandatory Construction Industry Scaffolders Record one day training course to be able to enlist as an apprentice, however. Once completed, you will be issued with a CISRS card and you can get to work right away.

Career Progression

As you begin to learn and understand the craft of scaffolding, you will begin to work on larger, more complex projects. For better opportunities and an increase in the average wage, you may consider registering with a company or agency responsible for commercial projects.

There are always opportunities to become a site supervisor once you have a few years under your belt and you completely understand the trade. There is also the possibility of undertaking the role of a scaffold designer and construction site manager as you progress in the industry. A number of government start up grants and business loan schemes have also been created to help people start their own companies should you wish to set up your own firm.

Safeway Scaffolding

If you want to find out more about the type of work our scaffolders are a part of, check out the Safeway Scaffoldings client portfolio, and to find out about any vacancies or entry positions, contact us on 01675 465593.

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