Why Scaffolding is Important During Construction

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The Importance of Scaffolding During Construction

If you picture a construction site, you are more than likely going to conjure up an image of a half-finished building with a number of workers navigating themselves around a tall, steel structure. This structure, commonly known as scaffolding, is one of the most familiar aspects of any architectural job, but why is this aspect of construction so vital?

Scaffolding is installed at the very beginning of any construction project or maintenance work. It is a temporary platform that offers support, elevation, and enables workers to carry materials and conduct their work during the construction process; this can include, but is not limited to, repairs and cleaning. Above all, scaffolding is erected prior to construction work to ensure the safety of the workers while the building is being maintained or built. Alongside this, it also provides a degree of support to the standing structure. In their latest blog, Safeway Scaffolding answer the question: why scaffolding is important during construction?

Here are 4 key reasons why the construction industry uses scaffolding:

It’s Efficient

Scaffolding provides builders and workers with a safe and secure platform to carry out their duties. By being able to manoeuvre around buildings of any shape and size both quickly and easily, scaffolding improves the efficiency of any construction job. With scaffolding structures only taking a single working day to be erected, it is clear to see how these platforms reduce the time spent on-site, and when time is of the essence, it is clear to see why scaffolding is important during construction.

It Ensures Safety

Working at height always carries with it some element of danger and risk. As previously mentioned, scaffolding platforms provide a safe and secure setting for builders to carry out their tasks while working at a considerable height. Not only does scaffolding protect the health of workers, but safety appliances, such as barrier netting and fencing, also ensure the health and safety of the public below the scaffolding. These barriers catch any loose debris and help create a working environment which is completely safe and secure for everyone involved.

#If you want to learn more about the risks of working at height, check out our blog post which identifies the 3 Golden Rules for Working at Height.

Easy To Access

In order to build and construct in a more creative way, scaffolding provides builders and workers with access to parts of buildings which would otherwise be tricky to reach. Specifically bespoke scaffolding, platforms can be built in a way which means that no design or blueprint is beyond the workers. Scaffolding has been used to construct some of the most famous and notorious buildings in the world, just take a look at our feature on Building For the World’s Tallest Buildings.

Prime Position for Workers

One of the biggest advantages for builders or workers is that scaffolding places them in a strategic position to carry out their work. The elevation scaffolding provides to them means they are not solely reliant on ladders, which can be unstable and not secure. Ladders often means the worker or builder is working at an angle; they don’t have a solid platform to work from and they don’t often great balance. Whereas, scaffolding places workers directly in front of the building, meaning they are able to work easily on portions of the wall or ceiling. It also opens up the potential for multiple workers to work simultaneously beside each other – something not possible with a ladder.

To summarise, scaffolding is an integral part of the construction industry. It allows builders to safely erect high-rise buildings and/ or carry out necessary repairs and maintenance of any structure or building. Scaffolding also ensures fast completion of the construction work needed, whilst guaranteeing the safety of workers and the general public. That is why it is important to hire an experienced and credible scaffolding contractor.

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