Guide to Cantilever Scaffolding

An image of scaffolding creating a bridge between a sewage tank and higher ground

Scaffolding enthusiasts will already be aware of all the different types of scaffolding from bamboo scaffolding to putlog scaffolding. There are several types of scaffolding that are used across the world, but today we’d like to focus on providing an overview of cantilever scaffolding.

What is Cantilever Scaffolding?

Cantilever scaffolding, also known as needle scaffolding, is a type of scaffolding that is a separate scaffold that is built to angle out from a structure. Usually, this scaffolding is situated near balconies for easy access. This scaffolding is specifically used when there are obstacles on the ground or narrow pathways which prevents basing the scaffolding on the ground. One of the main benefits of cantilever scaffolding is that it is cost and time effective in situations where the surface does not allow for a regular scaffolding system. Cantilever scaffolds are relatively easy to erect and this can support the average worker as well as supplies. This scaffolding eliminates the need for poles and frames erected in front of a building.

It is called a needle scaffold because the ‘needle’ (often made of timber) supports the entire scaffold structure. The ‘needle’ is braced on all sides to prevent the scaffolding structure from falling over. This type of scaffolding is highly effective in situations where the ground surface does not allow for a traditional scaffold to be set up. Anyone working on a cantilever scaffold must wear a safety harness for maximum protection.

Features & Characteristics

One of the main things for this type of scaffolding is for it to be stable, and able to withstand all types of weather. Key features include barriers to or edge protection in place; the planks are all the same size and in good condition; it has a safe way to enter or exit for both the person using the scaffolding and for the loading materials; a horizontal work platform.

  • Barriers or edge protection in place
  • All planks are uniform and in excellent condition
  • A safe entrance way and exit for both the user and loading materials
  • A wide work platform positioned horizontally
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